Exciting Updates!

Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to begin dirt work on August 9th!  What a wonderful way to kick off the new school year!!  Please continue to Play It Forward!  *Scroll though the images below.


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We Need Your Help!

We are making great strides, but we can’t do it without our amazing community!  Will you help Play It Forward?

who are we?

Athens Bible School has played an integral part in the history and success of our community for over 75 years. Our school has produced individuals that possess a great sense of persistence and personal responsibility with the confidence, leadership and motivation to succeed. Our student-athlete alumni are shining examples of excellence prepared for this life and the life to come. Professionals in every form – entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, teachers, engineers, scientists, judges, policemen, fire fighters, accountants, nurses, trainers, and coaches – all helping to continue Limestone County’s growth as the fastest growing county of the 67 counties in Alabama. Your Play it Forward partnership supports the strategic growth of our community with a diverse education option and seasoned athletic program that build the whole person –body, mind and soul.

how can you play it forward?

Our Play it Forward Partners lead in the funding support of the sports complex building campaign. Play It Forward Partners share in our vision to make our great community and K-12 athletic programs even better for the current and future students of ABS, and for the more than 75,000 Limestone County and greater North Alabama residents that visit and compete with our teams each season.
They invest in our capacity to develop students with greater confidence, self-respect, leadership skills, and a greater appreciation for diversity and hard work due to our successful athletic programs.

Project Status Updates



Dirt Work Has Begun!

Thanks to our generous donors, we have been able to fund our first big project… DIRT WORK!!!







Visitor Dugouts are Funded

During Spring Break, our team was hard at work discussing our “Play It Forward” project with a number of people. To that end, we have secured another $20,000 pledge which will cover the visitor dugouts on our primary baseball and softball fields!





Corporate Donor for Home Dugouts

Immediately out of the gate, we have had a very generous, corporate donor “step up to the plate” (pun intended) and offer to pay for the home dugouts on our baseball and softball fields. This is a valued at approximately $20,000. We will have additional information about this donation a little later, but we are deeply thankful for their generosity and love for our students.